meet our design team...

juergen a. klingenberg | "the visionary"
Leading the "hdg" team - Juergen, a graphic designer and web development specialist with over 20 years of experience in the Graphic Design and Web Development Industry, drives the direction of this successful multi-faceted creative team.

matt c. | "production mastermind"
As the "production mastermind" of hound dog graphics, Matt, is responsible for 4-Color print production, catalog layout and assembly. A 2005 Graduate from Cazenovia College, in western new york with a graphic arts degree, his understanding of "typesetting" and "color" production assures continued success with a wide range of client projects.

tyler n.| "the machine"
The man behind the curtain... charged with maintaining the hdg web and in-house servers, Tyler has a in-depth knowledge of programming, coding and technical production.

lindsay b. | "pro doodler"
Most people will never achieve the level of raw graphical design talent and pure vision possessed by Lindsay, don't let her shy exterior fool you... when it comes to designing your next logo, there is only one stop...

sam | "wordsmith"
Don't judge a book by its cover; that stands true with Sam, as she quietly and efficiently manages client site change requests, website design and management. With her unique perspective on things - she can provide solid opinions on all kinds of matters.
ian p. | "the digital cyclopse"
Usually being positioned behind the body of the Hound Dog Graphics digital camera, has earned him the title of "digital cyclopse", but his talents don't end there... with a natural talent for lighting, framing and positioning in digital photography, makes Ian a vital part of the hdg web production and support team.

patti f. | "production"
- Patti, quietly and efficiently processes client distribution and catalog production orders. - working with maureen to keep the production and assembly moving... processing catalog orders, (wo)manhandling the color printer, binding machine or folding station...